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Xonix Video Recording Sunglasses at Vodacom iMAGINE

The good quality sunglasses may be expensive, it is worth to buy sunglasses that are durable for a long time even though it may be the last time or the first time you have acquired them. Vodacom is selling a product by Xonix in China.The sunglasses aren’t regular ones, they also video record every moment in front of you.

The reason why this product from Xonix isn’t been sold online is because it is very fragile and may be harmed in the process of transportation, another reason is because it may get lost in the courier department. The camera is the sunglasses is hidden therefore if you are playing a prank, the camera will be invisible. There is capacity of up to a 2GB microSD card to store the recorded moments.


Vodacom offers Powermat Wireless Charging

Vodacom initially started of with network providing and then carried on with mobile devices and finally their own gadgets. At times, your device battery may get low at the restaurant or even at your work place, in case you don’t have a charger, you can use the Powermat Wireless Charger. It can take up to 3 devices at once.

The disadvantage of wire chargers is that they don’t automatically switch off therefore overloading the battery which results in a change of battery performance. This gadget however does the opposite, it switch’s off when the device is completely charged. This product that Vodacom has isn’t too big, you can fit it into a laptop bag and carry it to your office. Completely green for the enviroment.