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Nokia 700 photos leaked, packs Symbian Belle

Gsmarena claims that that they received a tip about photos that show the Nokia 700 which packs Symbian Belle, a possible 1GHz processor. The device shall have a rear 5 megapixel camera with a LED flash alongside.

The display shall be a 3.2″ nHD AMOLED screen, the device measures 110 x 51 x 10mm but it may be changed since it is still being modified. More specs that Gsmarena received is that the device also has Wi-Fi b/g/n, fast HSDPA speeds of  10.2Mbps or 14.4Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps downlink. The battery has a 1080mAh.



Another Nokia device leaked, Symbian Anna powered

In addition to the previous Nokia N6 devices, the Nokia N5 was also leaked today which shows that it is powered by Symbian Anna. The device will be available in colours of white which has a lime green backside, a black N5 is also available.

The front touchscreen looks as if it is a 3.2″ in size, there are call, menu and end call buttons below it similar to the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. The rear of the device indicates that there is a 5 megapixel camera alongside a LED Flash and a loudspeaker at the bottom.


Nokia NDS website shows 2 new hidden devices in XML File

The first quarter until now, many Nokia device leaks have occurred. It was the Nokia T9, the first Windows Phone, 2 MeeGo devices and much more. There is yet again another leak, the Nokia N6-01 and Nokia N6-02 which appeared in a XML file at the Nokia NDS website.

According to Mobile Geek Inc., both devices devices are equipped with ARM Chips and have displays of 360*640. The devices do also run on Symbian^3 OS, a promise that Nokia is living up to. Both device do also have a Full HTML browser combined with Java Supported.



China Mobile to get Apple iPhone 5 this September

Apple recently held a meeting with China Mobile but no details were disclosed on what the meeting was about. One of the employees that was present at the meeting leaked out the information , this information was posted on a Chinese social networking website.

The leak consisted of the carrier receiving the iPhone 5 this September. Unfortunately the post was removed therefore no screenshot is available for us to see. Apple COO Tim Cook was at the meeting, this could be the hot topic of it.


Tutorial Video leaks Droid 3 for Verizon

This year, Motorola isn’t doing a good job at keeping secrets from the press. Somehow there was a mistake on the website, it showed new devices which are now considered as leaks. Now, Verizon has shown the Droid 3 on tutorial videos.


The Droid 3 shows Android OS but the videos do specify that the software isn’t complete yet. The video did also show a microUSB port and that the lock button is at the top, a QWERTY keyboard was also shown. These videos are on YouTube at the moment.



LG Employee leaks new possible Nexus 3 Picture

The previously leaked leaked Nexus 3 pictures didn’t really point out who would be the manufacturer of that device since already HTC and Samsung have a Nexus device. But now these pictures leaked suggest that LG shall be manufacturing a Nexus 3.

This may also be a Android Gingerbread device since every other Nexus device runs on Android also. All hopes are on LG to manufacture the next Nexus 3 device.


Motorola website accidentally shows 5 new devices

Motorola was in the process of editing their website but somehow they added a Motorola Xoom 2 and four other new devices, PocketNow caught images of it which are shown below:

To name the devices, one of them is a watch phone which is totally black which is named Tracy XL. Then comes a Slimline followed by Zoha. Finally, a Motorola Pearl has also showed up on the website. All of this has been pulled from the website so there is no chance of finding out more.


Best Buy HTC EVO 3D Memo leaked

Bet buy isn’t a mobile manufacturer but rather an online shop and a store company that can sell mobile products. A memo was leaked toady at the Android Central website that clarifies what must be done when inquired about the HTC EVO 3D for Sprint. Either the employees don’t mention it or the customers ask then report back.

Best Buy can only accept pre-orders upon request and it only started today, This shows that stock is delayed from HTC or the Best Buy warehouse, either way, the media won’t stop reporting about it. Pre-orders only started today, this game is very dangerous.,


Apple iPad 2 may also bring tracking

There has been a recent stir with Apple where they track the location of the users, Apple denied it, the CEO mentioned that the application iTunes only keeps the .db file and does not send it back to Apple to store. There isn’t any confirmed news that the iPad 2 which will be launched on Friday, may also bring tracking.

One of the responses from Steve Jobs suggest that they are tracking the location of the users to build a crowd-sourced database which shall result in an improved traffic service in the upcoming years.


Google leaks HTC Sensation release date

If you search for a release date for a particular device, Google would normally show articles and the unofficial advertisements. This time, it was the other way around. The official HTC sensation advert was present when the user searched “htc sensation”.  Since the advert was official, the release may also be official, the date seen was 8th June 2011.

This confirmed 8th June device will feature a 4.3-inch qHD SLCD display, a rear 8 megapixel camera and anothe 1.2MP front camera. Users are to receive 12GB with this Sensation device alongside a microSD of 8GB in the box. Follow PhoneRTP for more.