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HTC is well prepared for Apple patent lawsuits

Apple charged HTC with an infringement of 2 iPhone patents last week whereby HTC responded by saying that they would win the the case with the patent infringements found after it acquired S3 Graphics. HTC CEO said that the “war” shouldn’t be fought at courts but rather at the market which shows that HTC is quite confident in their smartphones.

Apple has recently been filing many patent lawsuits this month, some against Samsung which supplies some parts to manufacture future devices. Nokia has also been targeted over the years continuously by Apple, each of them, laying counter-suits.


Eldar Murtazin claims Nokia to reduce phone prices by 10%

Eldar Murtazin, the owner of a well known Russian website, claims that Nokia to reduce the phone prices by 10% to stay competitive with the rising pressure from different companies that are constantly releasing new devices with good prices.

It seems as if Eldar Murtazin is well connected with Nokia and the sources. Nokia is moving their focus onto Windows 7 therefore reducing the prices of the current devices might give a chance to enable good profits with the up-coming WP7 devices. There hasn’t been any say from Nokia about the price reductions.


Domain indicates Sony Ericsson-Microsoft partnership

The internet is flooded with Sony Ericsson-Microsoft partnership. After looking up on Whois, it was found that the domain was registered yesterday with a domain expiration date of next year same date. If at this stage tried to go to the website, it will be redirected to Bing where all Micro soft-Sony related news will be shown.

In October last year, Sony Ericsson CEO mentioned that they would release a WP7 device in 2011 but soon after the leaked WP7 Sony Ericsson, but then the CTO mentioned that they won’t manufacture the WP7 device is the platform doesn’t take off.


MTN joins LTE network

MTN has started with LTE network that allows speeds of downloads up to 70Mbit/s in Gauteng which is currently available in some parts of Johannesburg and Pretoria. So far, 100 sites have the pilot LTE network but MTN SA chief technology officer Lambo Kanagaratnam mentions that they will expand soon.

The network was built by Ericsson and Huawei which isn’t open to for public use yet at this stage but MTN can launch very aggressively. There have been many problems regarding the launch date. This may be a strategy to welcome the 4G LTE devices.


South African ZTE offices raided by Hawks

The South African Hawks today raided ZTE operations, a telecommunications company that has provided South Africa with mobile devices before. The raid performed included 17 males and one female detained.

Eyewitness’es mentioned that Yusuf Simons from home affairs explained that the documents of the detainees are being checked to see if they are legit or not. This operation was in order to cease illegal immigrants from entereing South Africa with non-legit documents.


Cell C CEO Lars Reichelt resigns with immediate effect

Cell C’s board of directors announced today that former CEO Lars Reichelt will be stepping down as of immediate effect from today. Reichelt has said that he is leaving due to personal reasons therefore the board accepted his resignation.

Lars has traded between South Africa and Switzerland where his family resides. The former CEO has also mentioned that he will still be giving advice to Cell C while Simon Duffy has been appointed as CEO until a replacement has been found. Lars has built the company in a manner that growth is projected.


A Website claims to giveaway iPhone 5 Free

A website called FreeiPhone4GBiz is claiming that they are giving away the non-announced rumoured iPhone 5. This was found after reading an article on a website then being redirected to the source. FreeiPhone4GBiz is also showing that they have more iPhone 5 details than other blogs.

More to the article of the website, it mentions that the Cupertino Apple acquired PA Semiconductor which means that it will use the new A4 1.5GHz processor on the iPhone 5. It hasn’t been confirmed by Apple is this is a scam or actually reality, there can be a chance that the iPhone 5 is already developed but just going under few final tests – as mentioned before, rather wait for Apple to say something.


Apple’s appeal of use against Amazon “Appstore” denied by judge

Apple had filed a lawsuit mentioning that Amazon’s “Appstore” name will create confusion and damage which then the judge mentioned that it will deny the lawsuit in June, that has exactly happened today. Sine the names are the same but they are joined thus that it the reason why the U.S. District judge denied the appeal.

Amazon is in favor at the moment for the next 16 months that Apple will have to bear with the name until the legal team finds another way.


Samsung shall pay Microsoft $15 for every Android smartphone sold

Microsoft, a company that has acquired many companies is demanding from Samsung due to the fact that they shall include Windows OS 7 onto a device. The $15 rate might drop to $10 for their relation.

Another reason that Microsoft is demanding that $15 is because it may reduce sales and that it also may cause the manufacturers to turn to Windows OS 7. Samsung has previously sold 19 million smartphones during April-June period of which most of the devices are Android. The Galaxy S ll makes up 3 million of those 19 million sold.


iOS security weakness allows attackers to do much harm

Germany’s IT security agency warned Apple that the iOS has a security hole that attackers could take much advantage of and gain admin rights to the whole systems as well as spy on emails and much more.

If a user clicks on any PDF file that is infected, that alone is enough to infect the device with any infections without the user knowing. The company that mentioned this issue said that it was in contact with Apple.

Previously, Apple also had a security problem reported by Bonn-based institution, the mobile manufacturer did respond to this issue with a patch.